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Brownie Batter

Dense, fudgy, cocoa-packed, and utterly delicious – this indulgent blend offers an explosion of brownie batter packed with the protein-rich benefits of hummus. Infinite possibilities for enjoyment include dipping with strawberries, bananas, pretzels, marshmallows…and brownies, of course!


This favorite flavor hits you with a whiff of cinnamon spice that will keep bringing you back to the memorably moist, chewy Snickerdoodle cookie that everyone loves. Try it on apple slices, cinnamon pita chips, or graham crackers whenever you’re craving that classic cookie!

Orange Dreamsicle

Orange Dreamsicle pairs a fresh citrus taste with the coconuty creaminess you dream of – and packed with protein, to boot! A hint of ginger tops this off as a surefire way to light up your taste buds. Whatever the size of your party, enjoy a dreamy taste that’s undeniably Delighted By!

Vanilla Bean

Classic, creamy, and bursting with the essence of vanilla beans – what could be better!? We know what: gluten-free, protein-packed, and made with all-natural ingredients (as all our hummus flavors are)! Enjoy it with a bowl of berries, as a great frosting substitute, or simply by the spoonful.

Delighted By Hummus, Delighted by life.


Hi! My name is Makenzie Marzluff, founder of Delighted By. I began making dessert hummus for fun & taking it to gatherings in 2014. One year later, I went to Sedona AZ for a soul-searching weekend....I wanted to know what is my purpose?? I heard a message loud and clear that my purpose is to spread my glitter. In other words, be the Light that I am. It doesn't matter what I'm doing necessarily, but that I simply show up - and bring my presence, my light, to the world. The night after hearing this simple but enlightening message, I was blissfully making my dessert hummus. I knew in that moment that this was how I was going to spread my glitter. The next day I quit my job and dove in heart first.....Delighted By was born.

  • DB Mission

    How we came about making dessert hummus isn't nearly as important as why we do so. When people ask us why we do what we do, we simply respond with ''We're just spreading our glitter.'' Of course we source quality ingredients. Of course we refuse to use animal products, gluten, preservatives or GMOs. But what truly sets Delighted By apart is our mission to expand beyond just the nutritional component of our hummus. With DB's purpose to elevate the consciousness of humanity, we bring additional focus to the energetic vibration of the food we create. From Day 1, our conscious production practices have set the tone for the impact we can and will have on the world. Our example in how we lead Delighted By is an invitation to others to live in full freedom and delight with us. Our INTENTION is to create such a high-vibrational product and brand that it reminds people of their Truth: Who they are, Where they come from, and the Light they possess within. We are DELIGHTED BY the opportunity to serve at such a high level in this lifetime. When our team, our product and our brand inspires humanity to spread their own glitter, that is when we are in integrity with the true DB Mission.

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