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Brownie Batter

This creamy blend offers an explosion of Brownies!! Brownies are dense, fudgy, packed full of chocolate, and infinitely customizable depending on your favorite flavors. Our Brownie Batter hummus is a perfect blend for gluten-free pretzels, or even strawberries.


Based on the classic cookie, this is a brand new delicious twist. Whimsical cinnamon and coconut sugar blend to create a masterpiece of flavor. Our Snickerdoodle Hummus is a perfect gluten-free option that is delicious on cinnamon pita chips or graham crackers.


Orange-ginger is a fresh modern flavor combination that leaves you wanting more. All natural ginger and fresh citrus is where it starts. A crisp bite of orange gives your mouth a complex rush of taste that can only be matched by another bite. Enjoy our Orange-Ginger Hummus with apples or even sugar-snap peas!

Chocolate Chip

Hummus is an unlikely place to find heaps of chocolate chips. This dip tastes like cookie batter but without the guilt! The vegan chocolate chip mixture is perfect with crackers, fruit or even by the spoon.

Delighted By Hummus, Delighted by life.

Impact & Values

We measure our impact by continuous customer interaction and live feedback. DB is a positive, high-vibe brand based on service to humanity as a whole. Our product is non-GMO, all natural, preservative-free, low-fat, high-fibre and high-protein. As a startup, we are obtaining the following certifications: non-GMO, Fair-trade, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-Free, as well as business certifications including B Corp and Women-owned Enterprise.

  • DB Mission

    Delighted By is a socially conscious brand committed to providing creative, healthy alternatives to sugar-laden, processed desserts. We are changing the way people eat and think about this 'dip made from chickpeas' and are delighted by the process in doing so.

  • DB Story

    Delighted By was founded by nutritionist and culinary expert Makenzie Marzluff. She was daydreaming of an Organic Hummus Bar, which included tying in a 'chickpea' theme for the dessert part of the menu. That's when it hit her, the idea of a dessert dip made from chickpeas! After continous raving from friends & family, Makenzie launched Delighted By in February 2015 with the intention of creating an entirely new category in the health-food industry.

Good vibes

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