Meet The Delighted By Team!


Founder & Chief Breath-Taker
Makenzie is obsessed with creating products & brands with impact. Food is her natural zone of genius, and DB is one delicious expression of that. Makenzie is a big-picture visionary, always seeing 10 years down the road. One of her personal missions with Delighted By is to inspire others to 'spread their glitter' in whatever shape that takes. Mak doesn't have a favorite flavor of dessert hummus. In fact, she can't eat it unless ALL four flavors are there in front of her. Makenzie is delighted by 'the opportunity to create epic shit.'
Chief Nerd
Jack is a highly creative technological genius who has been heard saying he is 'delighted by data.' Jack is the real deal. One of our favorite things about him is his undeniable belief in Delighted By's growth potential. ''I am delighted by eating healthy and riding my fixed gear bicycle around Manhattan. DB's dessert hummus is particularly good at parties where family and friends can enjoy it too. My favorite is a modern classic; snickerdoodle with graham crackers.''
Soul Frequency Officer (SFO)
Around here, we are big believers of the invisible. From day one, Delighted By has been referred to as a SEPARATE entity/being, and more specifically we describe her (DB) as a bad-ass goddess here to raise the consciousness of the planet. As a separate being, Delighted By has a soul, and furthermore a Soul Purpose-- in other words, a specific purpose she is here to fulfill. Insert Michelle's oh-so-big role: ''Every company, especially in the New Way- the new Paradigm, has a soul. As DB's SFO, I make sure that the Soul of the company is completely understood and being communicated consistently. I ensure that every single team member & every single decision is in integrity and alignment with Delighted By's Soul Purpose.'' Whew. Michelle is a highly-intuitive, deeply-intelligent goddess that we recognize as the most powerful person on the planet at this time. With the way the planet is headed, our feeling is that SFOs will be hired & honored by every single corporation that intends to survive & thrive. (Behind the scenes fact: Michelle is Mak's mom. Basically technically).
Digital Storyteller
Sarah (SKH) is the artistic genius behind all of the beautiful imagery on DB's social media pages. She inspires, creates, & innovates in her gorgeous work start to finish. Oh and SKH is like...superhumanAF. Honestly, they should create a reality show on her life just so our team can personally figure out how she manages it all: 3 (adorable) kiddos, 1 (adorable) husband, approx. 17 emails from Mak per day, and like 7000 projects that she executes with grace & genius. (didn't even mention all her DIY projects, personal blog/social media accounts AND....she crushes it at the gym regularly. Told ya, superhuman). ''My favorite DB flavor is the Brownie Batter spread all over Kinnick gluten-free graham crackers. But I also love every single flavor simply eaten from my spoon! I am delighted by the Lord, and by the beautiful life he has blessed my husband and I with (our 3 beautiful adopted children).''
Controller/Bookkeeping Angel
Think of a visionary like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, and apply that to the world of Accounting. That is what Maria is! A true Visionary in her field who brings the purest of intentions & highest of energies to her work with DB. With her abundant mindset & commitment to excellence, we could not pick a more perfect person to oversee DB's accounts. ''It's impossible for me to choose a flavor, but I did take a poll at Anvil's last staff meeting when we served DBH for dessert...the brownie batter with a vanilla wafer won out hands down! I am Delighted By diving into my soul work ♥ ''
Controller/Bookkeeping Angel
Jennifer is, well, another super-human (DB clearly has preferences😉). We are so delighted by her work-ethic, positive spirit, and genuine enthusiasm for working on DB. And you better believe we put her to WORK. With her attention to detail and compassionate persistence, Jennifer is hands down irreplaceable. ''I love the Snickerdoodle flavor; I pair it with Gluten free vanilla wafer cookies. I am delighted by a beautiful crisp autumn day!''
Business Intern
Kourtney is like the cutest thing on earth. She is filled with delight 24/7 and enthusiastically manages DB's social media accounts. Kourtney enjoys college football & has some sort of love affair with the state of Michigan. Her favorite dessert hummus flavor? Snickerdoodle hummus on pancakes. Kourt is delighted by ''serving others in the community and my recent acceptance to Michigan State University.''
Karena Hinman
President, Delighted By Hummus Australia
Karena was introduced to Delighted By through a goddess named Peta Kelly, and it was pretty much love at first sight. DB started 'speaking' to Karena before she had even tasted the product or met the team! It was clear that Karena was being called to bring Delighted By to Australia. Karena and Mak go back multiple lifetimes, no doubt; she is a true conscious creator- passionate about all things food, business and health. Above all, she is a courageous leader in her family, her community, and (most importantly) for herself. Australia is no joke of an energetic vortex, and it is absolutely no coincidence that Karena was hand-picked to bring DB's high-frequency product & mission to these sacred lands.